Success Story

Creative | Smart | Innovative

Janyaa students have proved again that they are creative problem solvers, smart and very innovative. After our hands-on experiment sessions with students, we asked them to go home, find material around their houses and build the experiment. We expected them to just build something and show it. But never did we expect this fancy presentation….

Success Story: Akshitha – Daughter of a daily wage worker

We love to share these success stories. This young girl’s name is Rekula Akshitha, daughter of Ramuluamma and Sudhakar – a daily wage laborer working as a mason. She secured a place in Polycet in Sep 2020 with support from Janyaa and State Street (SS) where she was coached to compete in the entrance exam….

Janyaa students find solutions to community problems

A team of 3 eighth grade students of Kakani High School in Andhra Pradesh, built a rain water harvesting prototype which can help conserve rain water and reuse it in their school.  They were inspired by Janyaa’s Social Innovation challenge to find a solution for a long-standing water problem in their school. D. Vijay from…

Janyaa Success Story: Bringing back Dropouts

Janyaa’s Lab-in-a-box (LIB) program not only engages with students, teachers and head masters (HMs) but also has an influence on parents like Ms. Shaikh Khajabi, who is also Sarpanch of Munagodu, a small rural village in the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP). Ms. Khajabi, having visited Zphs Munagodu, and having seen the improvement in the…

Janyaa Success Story: Cloth & Paper Recycling

Sustainability might look great as a concept, but real value is derived only when words get translated into actions. And when it comes from a group of students studying in grade IX, belonging to a rural village by the name of Munagodu in Andhra Pradesh (AP), it demonstrates that our future is in good hands….

Janyaa Success Story: Biology Models

When it comes to making a difference to someone’s life, the best one can do is to equip the stakeholders with an ability to take control of their own destiny. This is precisely what Janyaa through its Lab-in-a-Box (LIB) program does via implementing the concept of hands-on experiential learning for underprivileged kids in government schools…

Janyaa Success Story: Recharge Shaft

When one witnesses the next generation taking interest in providing solutions to problems in society, then one can be rest assured that future is in safe hands. And one such idea aimed at solving the decreasing groundwater level was presented by 10th grade students, Anitha, Ravi Kiran and Raju Kumar from Round Table Government School,…

Janyaa Success Story: Water Purifier

Zphs Thulluru, a government school in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which most of us wouldn’t have even heard of, is one of many such schools where Janyaa implements its Lab-in-a-Box (LIB) program. Students, who belong to underprivileged communities, are motivated to become entrepreneurs and problem solvers via focusing on building scientific temper. On the…

Janyaa Success Story: Paper Recycling

“We don’t want trees to be cut for making paper, so we decided to recycle paper in our hostel”, says Soumya, an 8th grade student of Vani High School and a resident of Balika Nilayam, on being asked why she chose such a project. “First, we tear paper into numerous tiny bits”, Soumya starts to explain…

Janyaa Success Story: Tulsi Plantation

A chance encounter, overhearing her Science teacher, Mr. Vinod speak about benefits of Tulsi, inspired Pravalika, a 10th grade student of Vani High School, to form a team consisting of 5 other classmates (from left in the pic below: Sandhya, Anusha, Kirti, Bhavani, Pravalika, Anusha, Mr. Vinod), to explore and plant Tulsi in her hostel….