Janyaa Learning Hub (JLH)

Janyaa Learning Hub is an online program designed to promote STEM based experiential learning for underprivileged students across the globe. We designed Math and Science experiments with simple materials available around their home. This helps the children with learning continuity and makes it easier to retain the concepts they learnt in class.

We created STEM packages based on Math and Science topics and each package has around fifty experiments. The Science topics range from Friction, Light, Heat, Measurements and Gravity etc. and Math topics range from Simple Numbers to Equations and Geometry.

Any interested volunteer or a Partner organization can use these packages to work with underprivileged communities anywhere in the world. With these packages they can teach Math & Science experiments to middle school or high school students through hands-on learning.

If interested, please email us at contact@janyaa.org

JLH 2020

JLH 2021

Janyaa Learning Hub – 2020

Janyaa launched online Learning Hub in April 2020 to help mitigate the STEM learning losses of children from marginalized backgrounds. As part of this program, online teacher trainings were conducted; Janyaa Lab in a Box (JLIB) curriculum- bridged science and math experiments were remotely taught to students using simple training (YouTube) videos; and online tutorials were held for polytechnic students.

Janyaa’s Learning Hub saw an enrolment of 852 children across 65 schools in Telangana. Meanwhile, 1126 public school teachers received 52.6 hours of online teacher training on STEM experiential learning between April 2020 and March 2021.


Janyaa Learning Hub – 2021

25/25 Janyaa-trained Students Qualify POLYCET Entrance Exam 2021

As part of the United Way of Hyderabad- Polycet Training Project, Janyaa Foundation trained a total of 25 high school aspirants for the Telangana State Polytechnic Common Entrance Test 2021.

25/25 qualified for the entrance exam.

The 14-day training from June 29th –July 19th comprised two-hour online weekly classes conducted by 2 Janyaa Trainers and attended regularly by 25 Grade 10th students hailing from low-income backgrounds. A total of 54 co-curricular science and math topics were taught to students in an interactive manner over 35 classroom hours. The medium of instruction was Telugu and English.

Each science and math topic was accompanied by concept demonstrations to ensure students were able to understand the concept. Separate classes were dedicated to concept revision. Every class was preceded by a brief recap of the previous lesson to help promote student learning. Weekly Rapid Fire Tests (RFTs) were conducted to assess student learning. Eight Model Papers including separate Telugu and English Papers were developed and provided to the students to help with exam preparation. A dedicated feedback session was organized on July 19th in collaboration with UWH to elicit student feedback on their Polycet exam performance as well as on the Janyaa training.

Student Testimonials

  • I wrote the entrance test very well. I recovered all the concepts very quickly and clearly through these training classes. I wondered these training classes were very different and these were demonstrated through experiments on live online mode and also connected to real-life examples. So, I learned a lot from these interactive sessions. And no one was bothered us in this pandemic situation but you (UWH-Janyaa) did a lot for us. It is needed for all the students. I really thank you. (Student- T. Bhargavi D/o. T. Chandrashekar – ZPHS MailardevPally)
  • I used to be frightened about the Polycet entrance test. And I was totally confused before starting the Polycet training classes. But I got an idea about the exam on the first day of the online training class. And after the second class onwards I became very confident. The training classes were very useful to me and also, I wrote the entrance test very easily and without any fear because of these training classes. I gained a lot of subject knowledge on every concept through these live demonstration sessions. (Student- Poojitha)
  • I wrote an entrance test very well because of your (UWH-Janyaa) training classes. I didn’t know how to clarify my doubts in this pandemic situation but because of these training classes, I got my doubts clarified. The training classes were very interested moreover the way of teaching was very good and created interest in us. (Student- K. Manohar S/o. K. Narasimha – ZPHS Ganesh Nagar)
  • I wrote the exam very easily. Because of these practical demonstration training sessions, I didn’t forget the concepts. And I remembered all the concepts. These training classes were very helpful to me and I suggest them to my juniors. (Student- Srinivas)

Donor Testimonial

We sincerely appreciate all efforts put together by Janyaa in facilitating the Polycet entrance training.

We had very little time to onboard the trainers and put the entire training curriculum together. However, Janyaa was able to put everything together in a very short period of time and prepare the curriculum for the sessions.

Students who were able to attend regularly also had positive feedback to share about the training program.

We look forward to more collaboration in the future.

Neha Dhingra, Senior Program Manager, United Way of Hyderabad