Janyaa Children2Community Solutions (JCCS)

Janyaa Children2Community Solutions (JCCS) program is an end-to-end program unique to Janyaa. Children are first trained on science and math experiments by Janyaa team and then asked to design solutions to solve daily-life challenges such as water conservation, safe drinking water, flood control management, alternative energy, etc. Winning solutions are implemented at school or community level with donor support. Children get to witness first-hand their solutions come to life and impact social change in their community.

Recharge Shaft model from GHS Sanat Nagar (OLD) students impacted 760 lives.

The Rainwater harvesting  model from ZPHS Kakani impacted 250 lives.

Soak pits from GHS Sanat nagar and ZPHS Moosapet (Girls) in collaboration with EY have impacted 2100 lives.

Soak pits in 11 schools in 2021 in partnership with HighIQ have impacted 4400 lives.