Janyaa Lab In a Box – JLIB

In our flagship Janyaa Lab In a Box (JLIB) program, high school children learn curriculum-aligned science and math concepts through hands-on learning. The school’s Science and Math teachers are first trained on Janyaa training methodology so as to impart the knowledge to children. The experiments form part of the Janyaa Lab In a Box (JLIB) Kit, which comprises 600+ state-of-the-art experiments developed in partnership with Stanford alumni, government teachers and science and mathematics experts. Based on the Janyaa experiential learning, children are asked to design models or solutions to solve daily-life challenges as part of the Janyaa Social Innovation Challenge (JSIC). Hi-touch engagement events such as Janyaa Creative Fair (JCF)- where children apply their JLIB learning to develop science and math models- and Janyaa Scientific Rangoli (JSR)- where children showcase STEM experiments on the grounds of their schools using chalk or ‘rangoli’ powder- are organized to provide a creative platform to students to showcase their STEM-related knowledge.