Corporate Volunteer Engagement

Janyaa launched its Corporate Volunteer Engagement Program in August 2021 to address the deep STEM learning gaps for children accrued due to COVID-19 pandemic and school closures. An online adaptation of its signature Janyaa Lab In a Box (JLIB) program, the program aimed to leverage corporate volunteers to provide remote science and math experiential learning to underprivileged high school children in Telangana and/or Andhra Pradesh via mobile phones.

In August, Janyaa partnered with tech leader Cognizant to implement a four-month Janyaa Learn from Home- Online Volunteer Engagement Program aimed to empower unprivileged children through experiential science and math learning in Hyderabad, Telangana. An Online Orientation conducted on August 7th introduced 90+ Cognizant employees to Janyaa’s mission and program including the Janyaa Learn from Home Online Program. A total of 110 Cognizant employees were subsequently remotely trained by Janyaa on experiential learning methodology to enable them to teach children in Grades 7th-10th in select government schools. 172 students from Zilla Parishad High Schools Pragathi Nagar, Shapur Nagar, Mallampet, and Ghandinagar received training on co-curricular science and math concepts by CTS volunteer-employees.

In the wake of schools reopening in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in September, Janyaa is offering a hybrid Volunteer Engagement Program comprising of remote and offline volunteering options to corporate employees.

Volunteers can support Janyaa in the following areas/modes:

  • Direct program implementation (offline)
  • Teacher Training Video Support (remote)
  • Helping Janyaa conduct inter-school Janyaa events/contests (offline)
  • Documentation – photos, videos, testimonials, blogs (offline+remote)

For any further queries on corporate volunteer engagement, please reach out to