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Janyaa’s Holi – A Spectacle of Colors, Laughter, and Empowerment

Author – Riddhima Gunuganti In a world often divided by borders, beliefs, and biases, festivals have an incredible ability to unite people, transcending differences and fostering a sense of community. Holi, the festival of colors, stands out as a vibrant testament to joy, love, and togetherness among the kaleidoscope of celebrations that adorn the global…

Creative | Smart | Innovative

Janyaa students have proved again that they are creative problem solvers, smart and very innovative. After our hands-on experiment sessions with students, we asked them to go home, find material around their houses and build the experiment. We expected them to just build something and show it. But never did we expect this fancy presentation….

Success Story: Akshitha – Daughter of a daily wage worker

We love to share these success stories. This young girl’s name is Rekula Akshitha, daughter of Ramuluamma and Sudhakar – a daily wage laborer working as a mason. She secured a place in Polycet in Sep 2020 with support from Janyaa and State Street (SS) where she was coached to compete in the entrance exam….

Arvin Nidadavolu shares his fundraising experience

As a kid who was born and raised in the U.S., I had ample resources to quickly transition to online learning during the COVID pandemic. However, the kids in other parts of the world were not able to have a similar opportunity either because of a lack of resources or access to technology. Janyaa’s new…

Anoushka and Trisha raised money to fund masks

We would like to spotlight the work done by our youth volunteers Anoushka and Trisha who worked hard to raise money to buy reusable cloth masks for under privileged 10th graders going to write their board examinations. Check out this video of them sharing their fund raising experience. Anoushka: I’m Anoushka Reddy a 13 year…

Online teacher training is a big hit !!

We would like to share some great news from our online teacher training we conducted for Farooq Nagar division in Hyderabad, Telangana last week. It was a huge success with a total of 146 teachers participating in the training virtually. We asked teachers, how will this training affect their ability to perform their job? Here is…

Being Self-Sufficient – COVID or Not

Janyaa founder Ms. Venu Nadella shares her experience with gardening. My friends and family ask me if I have stocked up during these lockdown days. I keep telling them I don’t need to – because I am self sufficient. I have so many vegetables growing in my small yard, I even froze some of them….

Online Classes for 10th graders

Janyaa started online classes for 10th grade students to keep them engaged and be prepared for exams when that happens. We are receiving very good feedback from the government on how good and interactive our sessions are. Ms Sabitha Reddy, Telangan State Education Minister has also tweeted about this. We are proud of our team….

Janyaa Social Innovation Challenge (JSIC) Experience

Mr. Sriram Yalamati, Trustee for Janyaa Foundation, India visited our annual Social Innovation Challenge event and he shares his experience below. “JSIC” (Janyaa Social Innovation Challenge) is an annual event held for students where Janyaa’s JLIB (Janyaa Lab In a Box) program is implemented. Students from Class 6 to Class 10 of different Government Schools…