Arvin Nidadavolu shares his fundraising experience

As a kid who was born and raised in the U.S., I had ample resources to quickly transition to online learning during the COVID pandemic. However, the kids in other parts of the world were not able to have a similar opportunity either because of a lack of resources or access to technology. Janyaa’s new initiative is successful in providing these children with online resources and helping teachers adapt to their new environment.


I thought that the best way I could help with this cause and provide support for this initiative was to launch a fundraising campaign. Through the BrightFunds platform, I was able to connect with members of my community and raise funds by offering plants to donors or golf lessons to kids who were interested. The fundraiser turned out to be a great success, as we have raised more than $1,500 for Janyaa so far!


Although I have spent time editing curriculum for Janyaa, this fundraiser brought me the most joy, as I know that the money I’ve raised is going to have a positive impact on the education of children in India. Furthermore, the way I connected with my community while delivering the plants to our donors was a rewarding experience.