Janyaa MasterMinds 2020

Janyaa is a nonprofit organization centered around educating children in rural India through experiential learning. One of our initiatives for this year is to help these children learn about hygiene to stay safe and healthy.

Janyaa MasterMinds “Heath & Hygiene” event is a step towards that vision. We are calling for volunteers to design new experiments that will be used to provide a hands-on health & hygiene education to these children.

Who can participate?

All ages 8 and up and welcome. There are 3 categories : Ages 8-10, 11-18, 19+.


Registration closes on Monday, June 8th, 2020

Presentation and judging on Saturday, June 13th, 2020

To Register: click here

What are the submission requirements?

Volunteers are required to design and build an experiment/model, document the process and create a short video explaining their model.

Note: The artifacts submitted to Janyaa as part of the MasterMinds contests may be used by Janyaa for education purposes.

For Experiment/Model information & Document templates, click here

FAQ – click here

Contact us : events@janyaa.org