Online teacher training is a big hit !!

We would like to share some great news from our online teacher training we conducted for Farooq Nagar division in Hyderabad, Telangana last week. It was a huge success with a total of 146 teachers participating in the training virtually.

We asked teachers, how will this training affect their ability to perform their job? Here is what they said (1-poor, 5-excellent):
Great feedback from them:
• 84.5% have expressed the content of the training has reached their expectation.
• 86.2%  have quoted the training helps them to practically apply the learning to their daily work situations
• 84.4% have expressed the training will affect the ability to perform well in their job from now onwards
• Special one-day training program needed at the mandal level after COVID-19 crisis
• This type of training is very useful and needed frequently
• This type of training is useful for the teachers in the classroom teaching.