Anoushka and Trisha raised money to fund masks

We would like to spotlight the work done by our youth volunteers Anoushka and Trisha who worked hard to raise money to buy reusable cloth masks for under privileged 10th graders going to write their board examinations.

Check out this video of them sharing their fund raising experience.


I’m Anoushka Reddy a 13 year old student at Oakridge International, currently in 9th grade. I hope to someday graduate from a prestigious college and to spread happiness among all those who I love. I love reading, watching movies especially those from the golden age, listening to music, playing basketball and spending time with with my friends and family. I’m truly delighted and honored to be presented with such a great opportunity as this where I can do my bit actively. I hope to receive other such opportunities in the future where I can give back to society in my own way.


I’m Trisha Reddy, a 16 year old student at Oakridge International School currently in 11th grade. I’d like to believe that I’m someone who’s outgoing with an aura of perpetual cheerfulness and who strives to someday make an impact on the world by standing up for the causes I believe in. I would say that I’m an extrovert and pretty well rounded with my interests ranging from sports and dancing to reading and writing. I love meeting new people and finding little ways to help out those in need. I’m so glad to have received this wonderful opportunity to do my own part in giving back to those who aren’t as fortunate as I am and help them have an uplifting experience.