Janyaa Success Story: Recharge Shaft

When one witnesses the next generation taking interest in providing solutions to problems in society, then one can be rest assured that future is in safe hands.

And one such idea aimed at solving the decreasing groundwater level was presented by 10th grade students, Anitha, Ravi Kiran and Raju Kumar from Round Table Government School, Sanath Nagar in Hyderabad at the Janyaa Social Innovation Challenge (JSIC) conducted this year.

Recharge Shaft

Inspired from a clip in a local newspaper by the name of Sakshi and relating it to concepts learnt, the students built a recharge shaft, consisting of a perforated pipe, to be fixed in the ground, so as to enable rainwater to seep in through the holes and get retained at the aquifer level underground.

The effort was appreciated by the District Science Officer of Medchal district, Mr. Ravindra Raju and rewarded by Janyaa for the thoughtfulness and the effort that went behind in building the same.

Parents of Raju Kumar, Mr. Venkanna, a daily wage labourer by profession and Mrs. Rama, a housewife take great pride in saying, “What Janyaa’s Lab-in-a-box program does to Raju is to bring out his creativity. He seems more confident and curious now.