Janyaa Success Story: Water Purifier

Zphs Thulluru, a government school in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which most of us wouldn’t have even heard of, is one of many such schools where Janyaa implements its Lab-in-a-Box (LIB) program.

Students, who belong to underprivileged communities, are motivated to become entrepreneurs and problem solvers via focusing on building scientific temper.

On the occasion of the Independence day, K. Srinivas, a grade 10th student from Zphs Thulluru, demonstrated his zeal to solve the most pressing problem in his community of providing a low cost solution enabling availability of safe drinking water.

DSC_0046water filter 1 water filter 2

Realising that drinking water, if not clean, results in numerous health issues in the community, Srinivas, set out on his journey to devise a water purifier using simple materials available in his surroundings.

Exposure to experiments in Janyaa kit helped me think about a low cost solution to the problem“, says Srinivas.

Srinivas’ eyes beam with confidence and he takes great pride in demonstrating his product and how it helps filter water.

I want to become a scientist and solve as many problems as I can when I grow up“, concludes Srinivas.

Makes us wonder, if taking control of one’s own life is not real Independence, then what is!