Janyaa Success Story: Tulsi Plantation

A chance encounter, overhearing her Science teacher, Mr. Vinod speak about benefits of Tulsi, inspired Pravalika, a 10th grade student of Vani High School, to form a team consisting of 5 other classmates (from left in the pic below: Sandhya, Anusha, Kirti, Bhavani, Pravalika, Anusha, Mr. Vinod), to explore and plant Tulsi in her hostel.

Having researched upon the benefits, nowadays, whenever they drink tea, they use Tulsi leaves for the same from their own garden, also use it to cure cough and cold and during fever, to be consumed in water, as well as in leaves form.

tulsi team

It’s fun to go beyond things we are reading in books and implement it in the garden. I have got into a habit of asking more questions now, and a tendency to know a concept in its entirety, both theoretical and practical.

Since the time we have started using Janyaa kit to understand Science and Math concepts, I enjoy the learning process and think about implementing the concepts in my surroundings”, says Pravalika, with great enthusiasm.

Watch video (https://spark.adobe.com/video/TSEviDOhoNhdA)