Janyaa Success Story: Paper Recycling

We don’t want trees to be cut for making paper, so we decided to recycle paper in our hostel”, says Soumya, an 8th grade student of Vani High School and a resident of Balika Nilayam, on being asked why she chose such a project.

First, we tear paper into numerous tiny bits”, Soumya starts to explain how her team achieved the feat.

Then, we wash it in a tray with water and grind it thereafter in a Mixer”, joins in Bindu and Pranathi, who are Soumya’s classmate.

Soumya Step 1.1 Bindu Step 2 Pranathi Step 3.1 Shanmukhi Step 5. 1

We put the bits of paper on a filter placed on a board and using another cardboard, we press from top to take out water”, adds in Akansha and Shanmukhi, classmates of Soumya and part of paper recycling team.

Then we dry the thickened paper in sunlight for 2-3 days, which can then be utilized for drawing paintings, etc.”, says Varsha, another 8th grade student from Vani High School and a resident of Balika Nilayam.

As girls, we all like flowers, Bindu likes Tulip, Sandhya likes Rose, I like Lotus”, Soumya concludes with a big smile on her face.



Janyaa kits have definitely helped the kids to understand Science and Maths better, by relating it to the things the kids observe in their surroundings. I can see an increase in the level of curiosity and a zeal to ask questions, demonstrating that they, at certain level, have been able to come out of the fear of asking, since the time Janyaa has got involved with the kids”, comments Madam SriLekha, who has been managing the orphanage for over 2 decades now.