Janyaa Success Story: Cloth & Paper Recycling

Sustainability might look great as a concept, but real value is derived only when words get translated into actions. And when it comes from a group of students studying in grade IX, belonging to a rural village by the name of Munagodu in Andhra Pradesh (AP), it demonstrates that our future is in good hands.

DSC_0035 DSC_0038

Having undergone Janyaa’s Lab-in-a-box (LIB) program, which provided the kids an opportunity to inculcate a scientific thought process, the students came up with an idea to recycle and reuse old clothes and paper to make usable products such as doormats, wall decorative and plates.

cloth recycling 2 cloth recycling

Janyaa’s LIB program and Janyaa Social Innovation Challenge (JSIC) act as a breeding ground for the kids to become entrepreneurs and innovative problem solvers when they grow up, thus bringing about a transformation in the underprivileged section of our society hailing from remote corners in India.