Scientific Rangoli – Creativity Explored

At Janyaa, not only do we engage students with our exceptional Math and Science experiments, we also encourage them to explore their artistic and creative talents. Recently we organized a “Scientific Rangoli” competition in 16 Government Schools in 2 districts of Andhra Pradesh. We asked students to design rangolis based on the science concepts that they have learned through our Janyaa Lab In a Box (JLIB) program. We need your continuous support to help us take such initiatives forward and empower more kids.

rangoli1“Rangoli” is not just an art but a science of vibrant patterns made on the ground using materials like colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals.

We observed that some of the students used all-natural bio degradable materials like powdered bricks and turmeric powder as colors instead of using store bought colors which has lot of chemicals in them. Many students participated with great enthusiasm and won lots of prizes and certificates. Winning a competition is an invaluable motivational tool for the students and can kick start a serious attempt to make a career in the creative field.

We received great feedback from local officials of education department like DEO’s & MEO’s. All the teachers, village presidents and parents were surprised with this “Scientific Rangoli” program and appreciated Janyaa Team for this innovative program.