Janyaa/United Way Schools Visit

Janyaa founder Ms. Venu Nadella is currently in India visiting the schools where we partnered with United Way, Hyderabad to implement Janyaa program in 50 schools. Below is the note from Venu Nadella summarizing her visit.

During my first school visit, children were busy with peer learning sessions. The girls were very excited about their experiment, telling me they finished ahead of time and were awaiting the next one from our facilitator, Ayesha. I joined them for the next experiment on Sound and had a great time with the students. At the end of the session, they were all asking me to visit again! 


My next visit was equally exhilarating. Both the boys and the girls were very excited to show me their experiments and explain them to me. They also all wanted me to visit them again ! Children explained ‘Physical & Chemical changes’ with the material we supplied. I loved their enthusiasm.