Janyaa facilitators share their experience

Facilitators are the key to the success of our program. They are the ones who go from one school to the next, provide support to teachers in using our experiments, and advance peer learning sessions for students. Essentially, they are the heart and soul of our JLIB (Janyaa Lab In a Box) program.
If they are motivated enough, they will be committed to our program. If they are committed, we know teachers and students are getting the support they need. If teachers and students are supported well, we know our program is making a difference.
 We want to share a couple of exciting videos from when our founder Ms. Venu Nadella met the facilitators during her trip to India. These videos show facilitators talk about their experiences with children and working for Janyaa:
– Check out how Rafat feels about working for Janyaa here. 
– See facilitators input on how students & teachers are receiving our experiments here.