How It Evolved

We reviewed mobile labs. We could not comprehend being taught a bunch of concepts in a day and having to wait for another 3 months for the next set. Children cannot retain so many concepts in a single day. So we looked at going to schools once a month and teaching 6-7 concepts. But then we realized this was similar to mobile labs except for the number of concepts taught at a time.

That is when we decided to give the boxes of experiments to schools so that teachers have flexibility to use them when needed. At this point we contemplated of rotating the boxes between schools. But we realized it defeats the purpose of teaching the children with experiments based on curriculum schedule.

Finally, we decided to give a box of experiments to each school and train the school teachers. Teachers can pick an experiment from the box, as it relates to that day’s lesson, and use it to explain the concept. Later children can play with the same experiment for greater retention.

This has become a very effective tool. A child wrote to us saying that she is able to answer questions in the exams in her own words, something she was never able to do before! What better compliment can we get? A teacher told us that the children look at her hands to see what she is bringing to the classroom that day. Children are able to practice anytime including for final exams.

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