Shakti 2015 – Milpitas, CA


Shakti 2015 – May 3rd, ICC Milpitas

“Bringing the world together with international dances”

Team Shakti is comprised of a group of 8 energized ladies who organize a fundraising event every year to support causes that benefit the community. It was a very well organized event with dances from all over the world showcased by various teams. Janyaa is the beneficiary of this year’s proceeds from the event.

We would like to thank the generous ladies from Shakti for being kind enough to lend their support.

Thank you Rama Saripalle, Shilpa Mehendale, Sneha Vedula, Ratnamala Vanka, Manasa Rao, Madhavi Kadiyala, Deepti Mohta and Prabha Malempati.

Photos from the event can be found here


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