Janyaa MM FAQ

Registration Qs:

  1. How do I register a team? Click here to register for The MasterMinds Challenge.
  2. Can participants on the same team attend different schools? 
  3. Can a third-grader join our team?  The MasterMinds Challenge is designed for students in Grades 3-12 and for adults. It is however not age-appropriate for younger students.
  4. I am a sixth-grader and want to be on the same team as my ninth-grade brother. Is that OK? Yes, teams can have members from different grade levels. However, you will compete at the level of the team’s highest grade level. For instance, even though you are in sixth grade, your team will compete in the high school competition.
  5. I am a high schooler (grade 9 and upwards) and I want to participate in the MasterMinds Challenge. Will I get volunteer credits for the time spent? Participants in grades 9 and above will be given credits for the time spent on the Challenge. Janyaa will give credit for 20 volunteering hours for such participants and will issue a certificate for volunteering.
  6. What is the registration fee? $50 per team
  7. Does the registration fee dependent on number of participants? It is a flat fee of $50 per team and can have from one to five participants.
  8. Can the same team register for more than one topic? Yes
  9. Can we register by phone? Please use the registration link mentioned above.

Challenge Qs

  1. How can I tell if my model is appropriate? Take the concept to a child in grades 1-8 and try to explain it by using the model you developed. Next, check if your model fits into the prescribed criteria especially on materials to be used and the budget limits.
  2. Can we get information on the details of the judging process? General information can be found in Judging Criteria section on our website. Specific details of judging are only available to Janyaa staff and senior volunteers assigned to help with judging. Janyaa does not make available the names of judges.

General Qs.

  1. Can we get sponsors for our team?  When looking for sponsors, consider two things: what you need and who you know. Think about businesses that have the materials you are looking for and ask for donations. Or talk to friends, family, neighbors or anyone else who might want to help you. You’ll want to prepare a presentation before you approach potential sponsors. Describe the competition and why you are participating. Explain where you are in the design process and how their assistance will help you. Take things for them to look at, The MasterMinds Challenge poster, your latest model sketch or prototype, etc. Respect their time and keep it brief.

Event Questions

  1. Where is The MasterMinds Challenge being held?The 2019 showcase location is Small Gym, Santa Clara High School, 3000 Benton St, Santa Clara, CA 95051
  2. What time should we arrive?Reporting time is 1030 am. Your team must arrive half hour before the judging begins at 11 am. If you arrive later than that, you will not have time to make it through judging. Your team only needs to be present for judging time. Judging is first come, first served.
  3. What should we bring?Bring your model, the summary document and the journal. You can bring tools for working on your model in the staging area, but they must be hand tools because there is no power. We recommend bringing a wagon or cart to carry your things.
  4. Do we need to stay the entire day, or can we leave after we’ve been judged?You only need to stay for judging, but we hope you’ll stay for the awards ceremony. It’s a great opportunity to see what other teams have done and celebrate the hard work of all participants!
  5. Where should adults go when the team starts the check-in and judging process?If an adult is a team member or part of another team, they can accompany to the staging area. Everyone else must find a seat in the gym at all times.
  6. How long does the judging process take?Two to three hours.
  7. Where can I store my stuff after the competition? Winning models need to be handed over to Janyaa. Everything else including presentation material need to be taken back with you as there is no storage at the venue. If you came by public transportation you’ll need to carry your things with you.
  8. Can we eat at the venue?Yes, you can purchase food from the food stall at the venue. Food needs to be consumed at the assigned areas outside of the gym.  Please note that no food or drink is allowed in the judging areas or in the gym.
  9. What happens if judges say our design is not consistent with the rules?Assuming judges see no issues with safety, your team will be allowed to compete, but the non-compliance will be noted on your score sheet.
  10. Will the journal be turned in to the judges? During their interview with judges, the teams will be asked to leave their journals. The teams will be able to retrieve their journals after the awards ceremony.
  11. Can adults come into the judging area with the teams? After check-in, teams will enter a teams-only line that leads to judging. Parents, advisers and other adults may sit in the stands and watch their teams perform. Please do not stand in the aisles and try to observe the interview. After a team has completed judging, members will meet up with their adults as they leave the teams-only area.
  12. Is it OK if some members of the team cannot make it to the showcase?Yes, but your journal should reflect the contributions of all team members. We understand that not everyone can make it to the showcase, but it’s a wonderful experience and we encourage everyone and their families and friends to attend.
  13. If we don’t win, do we still get a prize?Every team member at the event gets a digital team photo, participation medal & certificate. Working on the challenge is the important thing, and we want to recognize that!
  14. Do we have to carry a trifold or any other document for our model? We encourage that no other material be presented at the time of judging other than the model, the summary document and the journal. We don’t seek trifolds or reports of any other kind.
  15. Is decision made by judges final? Yes, other than for tabulation and scoring calculation errors, the scores provided by the judges are final. However, we would encourage any feedback
  16. Do we have parking at the venue? Yes, there is parking available on premises but it may fill up soon. Please park at the school parking area and/or use street parking. Car pool is encouraged by participants and volunteers.

Volunteer Qs.

  1. My child is participating in the challenge this year. Can I volunteer to be a judge? Parents, advisers and teachers of participants are not permitted to serve as judge.
  2. Are there any roles in which a parent of a MasterMinds Challenge participant can help? Parents of participants may sign up to volunteer providing event or team support.
  3. I would like to sign up my entire team from work to volunteer for the challenge. Can I just submit a spreadsheet and have you sign them up for me?We cannot enter volunteer information from a spreadsheet or other document. We recommend that your company/organization appoint a lead person to register volunteers.
  4. What do I have to do to be a judge? If you are 18 years or older (high school graduate) and are not a teacher/parent/advisers of any participant at The MasterMinds Challenge, then you can apply to be a judge. Judges are selected based on a simple screening process. You will be contacted upon selection. Janyaa team will conduct a Judge’s training webinar session during which judge participants may submit questions and receive responses from a judge trainer. If you are unable to attend the webinar, we offer a recorded version that volunteer judges may watch at their leisure.
  5. Can my child volunteer with me?Children age 15 and up are welcome to volunteer in a non-judge role.
  6. I am a high schooler and volunteering for the MasterMinds Challenge. Will I get credits for the hours spent? Any high schooler (grade 9 onwards) can be a volunteer (assuming 15 years old or more). Each volunteer must be registered with Janyaa as a volunteer prior to the event. Click here to register as a volunteer. All high school volunteers will be given a credit of 10 volunteers hours for the event. A certificate will be issued for volunteering with Janyaa.
  7. How old do I need to be to be a judge?You must be at least 18 and a high school graduate.
  8. I have to bring my young child with me. Can I still volunteer?Children 15 and over are welcome to volunteer with you. If your child is under 15 please make other arrangements for his or her care at the premise or at home. Younger children are prohibited from the staging-judging areas. They can be seated in the audience area.
  9. Can my spouse or significant other volunteer with me?Absolutely! Spouses and significant others are encouraged to volunteer.

Don’t see your question here? Email it to events@janyaa.org.